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Laboratories, Systems and Equipment

Suplitec-Suprimentos Tecnicos Ltda started operations in 1976 manufacturing special printed circuits boards. In 1978 the company changed the focus to the power supply market, manufacturing DC power supplies for bench  and industrial uses.
In 1990 Suplitec started the distribution and representation of the leading American companies in the power supply field.
Nowadays Suplitec is a power supply solutions company, totally dedicated to the power supply field, manufacturing and distributing a  broad line of standard linear and switching DC and AC  power supplies for laboratory, research, medical and industrial uses.

Located in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Suplitec is head quartered in a building with more than 2000 sq. meters of floor space, where are concentrated all departments and production areas of the company.


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High Power Programmable Power Supplies                
High Power/High Voltage Power Supplies
SCR Power Supplies - to 90 kW
Bipolar Operational Power Supplies
IEEE-488 Digital Programmers

AC Power Sources

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Frequency Conversion - 45 Hz to 10 kHz
High Power AC Power Sources - to 480 kVA
Programmable AC Power Sources

Precision AC and DC Power Sources

High Stability Units
DC and AC Voltage/Current Standards
Power Analyzers

Electrostatic Instrumentation
High Voltage Power Amplifiers
High Voltage Precision Reference Sources
EOS/ESD Sensors/Monitors





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Phone : 55-31-3498 1177                       Fax : 55-31-3441 0841

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Sales and Technical Support : suporte@suplitec.com.br

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